Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Sorry for long vacation in posting - I've been waiting for things to gear up in the race.

Today - Bevilacqua announces, followed by Volpe and Brison over the next few days. All three will add to the race, but none are ready or able to lead the Liberals forward.

Apparently, Dryden is going to announce next week. This blog has been quite upset about the lack of attention paid to the Dryden campaign. Either his campaign is weak and unable to function in the era of the 24 hour news cycle and blogs, or the media isn't taking him seriously.

Either way, there has to be a better effort on the part of the Dryden team to increase the buzz about him.

Yes we know he needs speaking training. He's got to get his comments down to a few seconds instead of a few hours - but he's got so much potential. He could be the candidate that people rally around during the convention if it is done right.

My excitement for his candicacy has wavered as time has passed - others have been more impressive and aggressive - ie. Ignatieff and Kennedy. This shows passion and a desire to win.

Ken - we need you to step up and shake things up. Don't wait too long.


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