Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Taking Stock of the Candidates Part 2

Draft Dryden releases its second analysis of potential Liberal leadership candidates - Scott Brison

Scott Brison

New generation - Brison represents a new generation of leaders. He's young, fresh and a change to the older leaders the parties have been electing.
Experience in leadership battles - Brison impressed a lot of people during his run for the leadership of the PC Party. He came 4th on the 2nd ballot, but missed 3rd bya few votes. Had he beat out Prentice, the Canadian political landscape could be very different than it is now.
Fiscal conservative - I'd put this down as both a pro and a con. He appeals to the blue grit bunch.
Name recognition - Relatively high name recognition with his press and attention during the Gomery inquiry.

Floor-crosser - Just like Belinda, Mr. Brison was once a full-fledged member of the PC Party. He said some nasty things about the Liberal party - he now wants to lead them???
Experience - Mr. Brison's experience is not too extensive and his ability to appeal to all regions is possibly lacking.
Language - clearly not fluent in Canada's second official language (French).
Electability - Brison suffers, unfortunately, from a possible inelectability factor. Despite his experience, charisma and policy knowledge, many wonder whether he can appeal to suburban and rural voters (key targets to retake 24 sussex drive).


Again, Mr. Brison will bring a lot to the leadership race. He will offer Liberal members a clear fiscal conservative agenda. Unfortunately, this vision is quite similar to that of Stephen Harper. The Liberals do not need Harper Light. They need a bold, contrasting progressive vision and unfortunately, Mr. Brison has shown he first doesn't believe in such a vision and second, isn't ready to carry the torch.


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