Friday, February 03, 2006

Draft Dryden movement is getting attention

Well still no word on Ken's decision, but we're starting to get some media attention.

An article in the Toronto Star here.

And a column about this blog in the Sun here. (They attacked us a little, but hey, we got their attention).

As for any thoughts about who is behind this - no one writing for this blog works in Ken Dryden's office. In fact, I haven't even met the man or any of his staff. We just want him in the race and that's all this blog is about. If he decides to jump - then the blog will shut down.

Many people believe that he's a visionary man who would make a great Prime Minister. Oh I love the internet.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's an interesting phenomenon. Right-wing bloggers have started trashing Mr. Dryden.
I guess a lot of us moderates and lefties used to trash-talk Stephen Harper. And don't we look smart now?

12:34 PM  
Anonymous badbeta said...

Oh I love the internet too :))))

10:08 AM  

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