Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Rumor has it decision comes Wednesday

The talk in Ottawa is that Ken is speaking with his staff today and will make his decision whether to enter the race on Wednesday.

Just to help the process along a little here is what Ken can look forward to if he throws his hat into the ring (or ice - whatever metaphor you want to use).

1. Electability - Come on - it's Ken Dryden - a genuine Canadian hero. He will be able to rebuild the party in Quebec (no Martin or Chretien baggage) and help position the party as a centrist alternative to Stephen Harper.

2. Dwindling challenge - To win the leadership seems to get easier by the day. First Manley and then McKenna. This will free up much need consultant and advisor time who had otherwise worked with McKenna. As well, when compared to the others (Tobin, Stronach, Bevilacqua and Dion) Dryden easily out does them in terms of name recognition (maybe not Belinda) and the potential for growth in political terms.

3. Growth opportunity - As mentioned in point two, Ken has an amazing opportunity to grow. The leadership race will force him to compete with hard-noised, slick leadership candidates. Almost a pre-test before going after Harper and his well oiled machine. If he can survive the Liberal Leadership race - then he will be well prepared to take on the Harper and Layton.

This is why we need him to join the race - give it a shot Ken. We believe you have so much potential!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

there will be no decision wednesday

trust me

12:34 PM  
Blogger Ken Dryden for Liberal Leader said...

Thanks for the update!

12:28 PM  

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